1982 Datsun B210

1982 Datsun B210

The Datsun B210 was introduced in 1974 (1974-1983) as a direct replacement for the Datsun 1200. Using the base 1.2L OHV 4-cyl engine that gave the 1200 its name, the B210 was the most fuel efficient Datsun of the mid-70's. Later models of the B210 recieved a modified version of the original A12 engine, adding the A14 in 1975 and the A15 in 1977. B210's were sold in 3 body styles; a 2 door sedan, a 4 door sedan, and a 2 door coupe. B210's were Datsuns entry level vehicles, being fairlt small, low powered (the engine was rated at 60 hp) but still having a few option packages. A somewhat rare option was the addition of a tachometer. Another option package was the Datsun B210 HoneyBee, which basically was a yellow car with a bee sticker on the side.


The B210 was last produced in 1978, and was replaced by the Datsun 210 in 1979. The 210 shared many of the B210's features, such as a 2 headlight system and the A15 engine, but the similarities basically stopped there. The 210 was larger than the B210, and was now avalible as a wagon in addition to the 3 other body styles. The 210 was no longer the entry level Datsun by this point, the torch being passed on to the F10, than the 310 FWD cars.

The 210, like all the Datsuns, recieved a fairly noticable redesign for 1980. Although the same body and engine was used, the grill became flat and the headlights square. For 1981, the top of the line 210 was called the 210SL, which featured a cassette deck, air condition, and a rear wiper on the wagon.

The 210 was built for 4 years, the last being the 1982 model year. By 1983, no Datsun has a numeric name ending in "10". The 210 was replaced by the Nissan/Datsun Sentra.