Jon Krakauer began his investigation into the story of Chris McCandless with an article in the January 1993 edition of Outside magazine. I wasn't able to find an image of that cover, but the cover shown above is a typical example. Outside Magazine is an American magazine focused on the outdoors. The first issue debuted in September 1977. In 2006, it had an average circulation of 593,676 paid and verified.


Outside Magazine Returns ‘Into the Wild’

Travel Blog • Michael Yessis • 08.15.07 | 10:25 AM ET
Based on Outside’s coverage of Sean Penn’s upcoming film adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book “Into the Wild,” I’m upgrading my hopes about its quality. Christopher Keyes visited the set and compiled an oral history of the making of the movie for the September issue. He reveals that Penn has the support of the family of the movie’s subject, Christopher McCandless, and was apparently meticulous with the details of the storyKeyes’s entire story isn’t yet available online, but there is a 17-minute interview with him that covers many of the details, as well as his own fascination with the story of Christopher McCandless. For now, Oustide has also put Krakauer’s original January 1993 story Death of an Innocent: How Christopher McCandless Lost His Way in the Wilds on the front page of its Web site.

(january-february 2010 issue)

Outside is an American magazine focused on the outdoors. The first issue debuted in September 1977 with its mission statement declaring that the publication was "dedicated to covering the people, sports and activities, politics, art, literature, and (especially) hardware of the outdoors..."
Its founders were Jann Wenner (the first editor in chief), William Randolph Hearst III (its first managing editor), and Jack Ford (an assistant to publisher Donald E. Welsh and a son of former U.S. President Gerald Ford).[1]
Outside is known as the magazine that launched the career of Jon Krakauer, Sebastian Junger, and numerous other successful freelance travel and adventure writers. Though the magazine has tilted toward a more commercial aesthetic in recent years, it is notable for recruiting leading figures from the literary world for freelance assignments. Other highly regarded writers whose work has frequently appeared in Outside include Bob Shacochis, E. Annie Proulx, Daniel Coyle, Bruce Barcott, and Tim Cahill.
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